Cranberryhill Studio in Garden Valley, Idaho

Nestled in the heart of Garden Valley, at the edge of Crouch, Idaho sits a small studio and showroom organized to promote learning and experience in glass art and painting.

Cranberryhill Studio is a place where anyone can learn the process of stained glass from the smallest ornament to window panels.  An adventure for novices and a welcome space for the enthusiast to work with other glass devotees in an environment of communal help and encouragement.

Also housed in the studio is Lorraine’s Art Studio.  Gifted artist Lorraine Bollinger teaches watercolor and acrylic painting along with an occasional ‘Paint n Sip’ class for fun.  Recently added classes teaching patrons to paint ‘happy little trees’ were introduced to a welcoming crowd.

The Showroom proudly features many local artists where a variety of purchases are available for appreciative visitors.

Stop in and say hello.  Take a look around and relax for a bit.  And if you are inspired by the beauty outside or within the studio, I am willing to bet you will find a way to let your creativity soar.

Cindy Pettit